Rapinno Adaptive Sourcing

Rapinno's adaptive sourcing approach helps organizations move away from the traditionally tiered sourcing strategy and aims to align their IT resources to respond faster to changes in customer demand or seize opportunities in new sectors and markets by rapidly adapting new technologies. With our expertise in innovating and adapting new technologies as per business requirements, we guide our clients to venture into their desired segments and into the new market.

Adding to that we have designed a specialized recruitment methodology to deliver engaging, significant, and performance-ready quickly IT resources to the businesses who can adapt to the dynamic technological environment. We integrate our recruitment services with the client’s business vision and ongoing process, which helps us to provide the best talented resources on time.

Businessmen meeting to discuss the implementation of Adaptive sourcing
Illustration showcasing girl innovating new ideas by testing multiple solutions


We partner with a diverse and distinguished essential businesses who can innovate, communicate and respond as per your business needs of future. We operate in short life cycles and guided by industry best practices to provide you with the best adaptive solution.


With adaptive sourcing, we give you unique organizational skills. We obtain the most advanced and unique technology strategies from external suppliers we work with to make you stand out from the competition.

Illustration showcasing man working on process oriented services
Illustration showcasing team working as support assistance for different adaptive modules


We support your core day-to-day activities to enable an adaptive supply in your daily operations. Low support rate, reliability, compliance and security are the main points of focus in Rapinno's adaptive sourcing support for our customers.

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