Why Is Cloud Computing In The Healthcare Sector More Important Than Ever?

Posted on Oct 05, 2021 by Kiran, IT Manager
Cloud Computing In The Healthcare Sector

Cloud computing technologies are on the surge within the healthcare industry. Cloud acquisition has experienced incredible growth over the past few years. Before the advent of the cloud, the healthcare industry struggled with operating costs, infrastructure costs, and seamless communications. The cloud infrastructure ecosystem provides an opportunity for the healthcare industry to improve patient services, share information quickly, improve operational efficiency and simplify costs. It makes sharing medical records more accessible and secure, automates back-end operations, and even facilitates the creation and maintenance.

This makes cooperation between doctors and patients much more accessible. In the past, doctors could have separate medical records for each patient they visited. Through cloud technology, this information is synchronized and distributed in the offices in real-time. But COVID – 19 has deepened the void, and the healthcare industry is in dire need to adopt cloud infrastructure. Let's find out about the impact of COVID-19 on the health care industry.

Impacts of COVID-19 in Healthcare Industry & Need Of Cloud Computing:

The global outbreak of COVID-19, with all its failures, has had a positive impact on the health sector, encouraging those who adhere to traditional technologies to move forward. With positive signs in the healthcare industry, the global healthcare cloud computing market will grow significantly over the next few years. The introduction of blockchain into cloud computing solves the inherent cybersecurity challenges. However, introducing blockchain into healthcare IT infrastructure will help improve data security and manage the billing process. Additionally, blockchain-enabled systems minimize breaches during data exchange and offer greater ownership to patients regarding their data and health information. With growing awareness of the benefits of blockchain technology, healthcare providers are therefore partnering with cloud computing companies to develop blockchain-based healthcare management systems. The cloud-based infrastructure has played a significant role in helping clinical researchers and healthcare professionals worldwide discover a vaccine for the coronavirus. It supports experts by providing them with the information they need to create an effective antigen.

Cloud Computing Market in Healthcare:

Currently, the healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing industries because of many factors such as the growing population, aging, many chronic diseases we see these days. It is becoming challenging to maintain all the information of every patient and detail information of diseases to analyze for any healthcare worker. Because they had to collect the data from various sources and had to join all of them just like a puzzle to identify start the treatment. Another challenge for hospital management is with multiple branches, hospitals, testing labs, etc., and connecting them to have a centralized infrastructure; they must investigate each branch for required information. To simplify this, they outsource to Managed IT services; however, most IT services will provide 99% uptime and consider a 1% risk downtime /data loss. It's a single point of failure since restoring the cold backup is a time-consuming process, which directly leads to loss of time and sometimes loss of information. Security to patient's profile and related disease information is critical for treatment, and life is dependent on this information; hence many hospitals/clinics, big or small, are looking for a simplified solution. On the other side, most of the Big giant Clinical Trial companies are on the private cloud as per the region.

To simplify the centralization of all the clinics/hospitals is to be migrating to the cloud, and it is the best solution for a long run and faster return of investment (ROI). This will outsource the risk of failure and data loss. Some of the cloud's main advantages are storing the data securely encrypted so that all the data are available at any given point in time. Data on the cloud is securely encrypted while in transit or when at rest Since the actual server/storage is hosted on the cloud. All the clinics/ Labs/ Suppliers etc., can be connected to the cloud over the secure encrypted private channel allowing only known/trusted sources and even if a required single user from remote access the information. It can be region-specific with multiple zones in case of failure, and this will also ensure compliance with the local governing body of the region.

Over this secure encrypted channel, any device/instrument which had to communicate with the server on the cloud can collaborate and process the data for analysis and treatment. All the data will be centralized located, and it will be easy for any clinics/hospital management to have one dashboard to view and take the decision as per the demand/requirement. Servers on the cloud can be replicated online to a different zone and can be switched quickly without downtime and data loss. However, there is always a risk in IT service, and the cloud approach will bring it down to 0.001% of the risk, making it 99.99% assurance. Cloud can be enhanced/upgradable both vertically and horizontally (Up/down and to improve application and storage) with a click of a button as per the requirement/demand, enabling the addition of clinics/hospitals in a different location.

How RapinnoTech Can Help:

Healthcare and cloud infrastructure has become an amalgamation that the world no longer can ignore. United together, they can develop medical outcomes and bring patient and doctor experience to the next level. With a multitude of benefits of cloud computing in healthcare, the market is bound to surpass $40 billion by 2026. We provide complete cloud software development for the healthcare industry. So, if you want to initiate cloud transformation and embrace the future, here at RapinnoTech, we will be happy to help you in every aspect.