Intelligent Automation

With deep domain expertise, the ability to co-create innovation with flexible experimentation, a large-scale speed-optimized deployment model, an ever-evolving partner ecosystem, and a unique talent development model, Rapinno Tech's AI and Automation Services team works with clients to Navigate their AI & Automation journey.

Our automation solutions will also help you meet your business process challenges cost-effectively, without risking your "large IT systems". This releases the value of existing platforms in a managed and controlled manner, ensuring that intelligent automation is applied where it can bring optimal value to your business.

Rapinno Tech offers a level of knowledge and skills that allows your business to move from basic robotic process automation (RPA) to a more complex and intelligently automated environment.

Showcasing the usage of brain like power in business process

We at RapinnoTech have expertise in the areas of

  • Line icon for machine learningMachine Learning
  • Line icon for natural language processingNatural Language Processing
  • Line icon for speech recognitionSpeech Recognition
  • Line icon for virtual agentsVirtual Agents
  • Line icon for image processingImage Processing
  • Line icon for knowledge virtualizationKnowledge Virtualization
  • Line icon for robotuc process automationRobotic Process Automation
  • Line icon for decision managementDecision Management

We can help you in Intelligent Automation

Our Key Services Include

  • Icon for Ai startegy & consultancingAI Strategy and Consulting
  • Icon for Ai framework developmentAI Framework Development
  • Icon for Ai framework developmentAI Framework Customization
  • Icon for Ai implementationAI Implementation
  • Icon for Ai framework migrationAI Framework Migration
  • Icon for Ai integration AI Integration
  • Icon for Ai framework maintenanceAI Framework Maintenance