Rapinno Data Digitization

Data digitization is an innovative mechanism for converting conventional files such as documents, images, raw data, and spreadsheets into digital media or formats. It uses a robust algorithm to convert various file types into digital formats based on binary code. It is a sophisticated approach to transforming unorganized data into a structured format. Digitization is the representation of a series of signals. To digitize data efficiently, we provide different types of unrefined material such as text files, images, and videos in an organized manner. Structured files are available in well-known digital formats such as PDF, DOC, JPEG, SVG, BMP, XLS, and XML. It uses an advanced sampling pattern to obtain high-quality output.

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How We Approach Rapinno Data Digitization

The first thing we do when digitizing data is to understand your specific needs about the whole digitization process. With your help, we will understand your vision and will design a robust process.

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Data & Document Collection

In this phase, we collect all the documents to be scanned from you and align them in the best manageable way possible.

Document, Image Scanning & Digital Conversion

After aligning the documents and images, they are all scanned and saved as image files. These image files are then processed through OCR, editing, and proofreading and converted into easy to-read text files. To make it easier for you to recover the files they need in the future, we will index all files appropriately as required.

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Once all documents have been converted to digital format, we will transfer all data to the cloud storage securely with the required encryption. Also, the physical records with us are destroyed or delivered to customers, according to their instructions.

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Key Features

Our process-driven approach is fast, efficient & secure.

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No Storage Issues

The storage limit is a big problem for today's businesses that need to keep a lot of information in different segments. In this context, digitization is a great relief when it comes to questions of space restrictions. Digital files are lightweight, so they are minimally sized on the hard drive or destination location.

Cost-Effective Data Management

Our team applies an effective strategy to minimize operating costs while maximizing the use of available resources at your end. Undoubtedly, it is the best solution for all those who participate in digitization and data conversion projects.

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Enhance Productivity

Digitized files are fully interactive and provide a better user experience, promoting the maintenance of quality and excellence in the work portfolio. Our team uses all tactics to improve the productivity of all business processes.


We have a dedicated team for corrections to ensure the proper functioning of activities. If there is something wrong with the end product, this team reports a bug and notifies the appropriate team. The role of our proofreader team is crucial in maintaining a flawless system.

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Complete Transparency

We believe in a transparent system. That is why we offer data digitization services in a very transparent way. This approach helps build mutual trust and cooperation between us.

100% Secure

During the data digitization and conversion process, we implement safe methodologies that are approved by certified authorities. This really is the best approach to following protocols for safe conversion.

Illustration showcasing support work provided  by machine
Illustration showcasing machine learning entity implementing new processes

Quality Assurance

As an expert in the data digitization industry, we never compromise on quality standards and industry guidelines. It is a matter of the highest quality for both our team and our clients.