RDP Fleet Management

With RapinnoTech fleet booking software, we will take care of all your requirements starting from pool vehicle bookings to fuel management, maintenance management and more. We understand the system and that is why we will provide a customized solution as per your requirement. We are here to ensure an easier travel option for your employees.


Our Expertise

We promise an all-in one platform where your employees or clients can easily book vehicles

GPS vehicle tracking

Route planning and monitoring

Driver identification

Real-time visibility

Attendance marking

Log sheet

Reports and analytics

Vendor management

Billing and invoicing

Realtime notifications

RapinnoTech Fleet Management development service will take care of the entire front end and back development

Problem Statement

Most of our clients, when approached us, were looking for a system which can give inputs about the mistreatment of vehicle or misuse or over the use of fuel etc, apart from managing the overall operation and stability between delivery and pick up. Each one of our clients was looking for a robust system that can help them resolve all these issues on the go.


Apart from being cost-effective and super easy to implement and use, we provided all the necessary touchpoints in a specially curated system for each client which helped them to resolve their daily issues on the go. Most of our clients witnessed rapid growth in the subsequent months as well. With all these experience, our team is can deliver you super customized fleet management service as per your requirement.

Tech Stack

We follow the time & material business model and Offshore dedicated team business model. Our technology stack includes:

Mobile Application


Front End