Product Migration

Rapinno Tech helps companies migrate existing technology stacks to newer technology stacks in less time and minimal cost.

Organizations need to keep pace with the latest technology stack in their product offerings over time. This means updating the version of the technology stack, libraries, and tools to an evolved version. The Newer versions of the technology usually make changes in the codebase, and therefore the applications cannot be easily updated. Sometimes the application needs to be redesigned and architecturally redesigned to support newer business and use cases to use the latest technology stack. We support companies with requirements in updating their systems and applications with the required technology.


Rapinno Tech follows a scientific approach to technology migration and has considerable experience in upgrading and migrating technology stacks, re-engineering, and re-architecture systems. AFour follows a unique philosophy to migrate and understands that the following aspects must also be delivered and managed:

Requirement Engineering

Client Discussion

Designing Blue Print

Mapping our Pain Points

Technology Selection


Identifying Limitations

Evaluation Of Different Technologies

Re-architecting and Re-engineering

Detailed Plan for development

Create & Cater Use Cases

Decoding Market Dynamics

Defining the User Experience


Document Migration

Document Upgradation


Estimating & Evaluating Cost

Finding better resources and tools

We can help you in Rapid Product Migration

Our key offerings include

Requirement Engineering

Rapinno Tech experts connect with customers and understand their pain areas and the "why" of technology migration/upgrade. As described, two broad use cases are the cause of migration:

- Technology stack upgrade to a newer version

- Rebuild and rebuild applications to accommodate new business cases and applications

Once the requirement has been identified, the next step is to work with customer teams to learn more about the needs and dependencies and obtain artifacts to make the right technology selection.

Technology Selection

If the older technology requires you to upgrade to a newer version, there are few options. Customers may not like using the latest technology stack and may prefer to use more recent versions of the existing stack. Based on these constraints, technology choices are then assessed and discussed in detail with the customer. We also create concept validation applications and demonstrates to the client to evaluate some of the capabilities if needed.

Customers want to redesign and rebuild their systems to handle use cases. Rapinno Tech helps you select and evaluate technologies to create great products and save time to redesign and remodel your architecture. One good example that requires redesigning and changing the application architecture is when organizations want their existing on-premises applications deployed in the cloud. It helps you choose a cloud provider and its services with a minimal total cost of ownership.

Re-architecting and Re-engineering

Re-architecting and re-engineering a product or service is easier said than done and often means developing from scratch. However, it is necessary to examine the product or service's existing technical debt and the "why" of the new development. However, the re-engineering exercise must still consider all current use cases, changes in some use cases, and new use cases and additions. Besides, the dynamics must be taken into account in the new development, e.g., the changing demands on user needs, cloud adoption, and the emphasis on a great user experience. With these and more, Rapinno Tech supports the migration of technology to satisfaction.


Technology migration is a new system that accommodates new use cases. As such, Rapinno Tech helps prepare the unique system's documentation and helps companies make a smooth transition. Customers with an old technology stack often don't have the expertise and documentation to get started. We will help you with the migration and update your documentation.


Rapinno Tech helps reduce long-term costs by migrating to the cloud, using open source tools and technologies, and re-architecting and re-engineering the product to minimize technical debt and facilitate changes and improvements. With excellent documentation, we will reduce the customer team's knowledge transfer time and maintain systems more manageable and better.