Rapid Application Development

Rapinno Tech's rapid application development model of software development focuses on the user design cycle of prototyping, testing, and refining. When the waterfall method is planned and rigid, RAD is flexible and responsive to user input. Although the RAD model of software development is 30 years old, the modern business needs to bring engaging experiences to users on all devices has reinvigorated it from native mobile and web-based apps to conversation apps.

This model relies on prototyping and rapid iterative development cycles to accelerate development and obtain early feedback from business users

Our Key offering


Prototyping needs and limitations are identified and agreed upon by developers, designers, IT and engineers


The initial prototyping and modelling are done after several iterations. Feedback from user experiences helps to design the overall architecture of the application


Basic coding, testing and integration with back-end services are done at this stage. Improvements can be made based on requirements.


The development team moves the components from the test version to production. The application is deployed on time and ready to be used by the end user. .

We can help you in Rapid Application Development

Why do startups opt for Rapid Application Development?

  • img A fast application development solution for the market
  • img Innovative mobile apps within budget
  • img Practical involvement in the development process from start to finish
  • img Increase ROI with value-driven development

Benefits of Rapid Application Development Model

  • img Apps are typically developed and delivered within a few weeks.
  • img Reduces overall project costs and risks
  • img Use readily available tools for faster and better app integration.
  • img Encourage user feedback throughout the development cycle.