RDP Service Booking

All your scheduling requirements, let it be in-house meeting scheduling or building a web app for a bus seat booking or any slot booking requirement, will be delivered to you will all the customization you want by your expert engineers. Our team will understand your vision and will deliver the best product you can imagine.


Our Expertises

We promise an all-in one platform where all your scheduling requirements will be met

Integrated payment options

Easy appointment booking

Automatic reminders


Adaptable calender view

Mobile friendly

Reports generation

RapinnoTech slot booking development service will take care of the entire front end and back development

Problem Statement

Most of the appointment or slot booking solutions face an issue when value -addition at process flow level comes in to picture. Most booking systems lack the scope to integrate APIs which can regulate and optimize client retention as well.


Our experience has made us understand that by developing a centralised system which enables easier measurements and benchmarking for efficacy of resolution. We design an advanced system to drive better resolution rate and efficacy. Our solution will completely customized as per your requirements.

Tech Stack

We follow the time & material business model and Offshore dedicated team business model. Our technology stack includes:

Mobile Application


Front End