Rapinno Managed Services

Our managed services are tailored made to fit any business – small, medium, or large. Right from micro-centric customizations to mammoth infrastructure migrations, our cloud consultants and managers are focused to build, track and manage any IT environment that demands a high caliber of professional excellence and commitment. Our professional IT managed services let you adopt a systematic way of managing your IT processes seamlessly, cost-effectively, and in real-time. We let you leverage our latest technology and tools to enhance the competitiveness of your business, minimize costs and drive efficiency to stay on the top of your business.


Managed Application Services

Our managed application services are targeted towards businesses that work on complex, custom application environments. This segment of managed services lets in improving your system performance manifold, in contrast to the conventional legacy environment, while optimizing the performance of your custom applications. We help support your business applications, developed in any web frameworks and architectures.

Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services offer comprehensive support for cloud, on-premises, and hybrid infrastructures including consulting and migration services to drive IT innovation and maturity at the highest levels. As part of our service offering, we offer proactive IT infrastructure monitoring, periodic software configuration and updates, resource usage optimization, high-level user support, and much more, based on an affordable pricing model. Our managed IT services are aimed to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and optimal improvement of your IT environment and processes within it.

Managed Security Services

Security has always been a high-priority area for organizations looking to safeguard their systems, infrastructure, and applications that need to work as intended without disrupting their business cycles. The area of cyber security has gained immense importance during these pandemic times with rising cyber-attacks and threats that are aimed to steal or manipulate data using the most sophisticated hacking tools.

Managed BA Services

Application management is no more a simple task. Right from interacting with the client, understating the requirements and converting these requirements into an actionable solution is a time-consuming affair, often fraught with challenges. Moreover, you need to have the right resources to analyze the business model of an application that you intend to develop, which means spending a huge amount of money that could impact the overall productivity of your organization.

At this juncture, you need the right expert to guide you through this journey, while letting you focus on your key strategic initiatives. Our Rappinnotech business analysis services let you minimize the risk of hiring in-house resources as our consultants work hand-in-hand with your resources – right from understanding the requirements to the final deployment of the solution at your client’s place.

Managed QA Services

Developing a solution is only one side of a coin. However, if the application doesn’t meet the defined quality standards or doesn’t work as intended, then all your efforts and resources go wasted without any positive outcomes. Even though your organization might have a fool-proof QA strategy, it sometimes happens that your application might not meet the desired quality metrics. This could be due to the gaps in your current testing process or your present testing model might not keep pace with the current technological innovation.

Managed DB Services

Rapinnotech’s managed data services enable your organization to harness your potential data to generate the right insights for decision making. We follow a lean data management model to enhance the quality of the enterprise-wide data that is otherwise fraught with a plethora of complexities. Our cloud-based service mitigates your data challenges encountered across all data domains. We help eliminate waste while gaining access to timely, reliable, and comprehensive data.

Let's Discuss How Rapinno Managed Services Can Help You


Get round the clock on-demand support

Our 50+ highly experienced consultants work round the clock to support your business initiatives, anytime, anywhere by offering an array of value-added technical advisory and consulting services.

Ensure the highest levels of data compliance

By relying on a partner like us, we ensure that you meet the highest levels of data compliance regulations.

Get the best returns out of your investment

Empower teams to automate tasks with ease, driving high-level transparency and efficiency.

Assess your current state of business

Our advisory team ensure you invest your IT resources in the most prudent way to drive maximum gains out of your investment.

Leverage the right technology

With an array of tools and technologies that are flooded in the market, we help choose and invest in the right technological framework that is apt to your business to drive superior results.

Spearhead your innovation to the next level

Enjoy consistent support and guidance to take your innovation to the next level of excellence.