Rapinno Marketing 360

Rapinno Tech's integrated marketing system is an approach to brand communication. The different marketing modules will create a seamless and hassle-free experience for the customer and are presented similarly that reinforce the message center of the brand.

Our goal is to make all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, customer relation management, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, personal sales, online communications, and social media work as one extensive system with integrated cogwheels and screws that turns to maximize profitability. We will design a holistic plan that will dovetail into your business model.


We know that selling can be difficult. But with just one comprehensive tool like Rapinno Tech's CRM, you can:

  • img Discover the best leads
  • img Boost contextual engagement
  • img Manage multiple pipelines
  • img Drive agreements to close, and
  • img Nurture existing prospects and customers

Digital Marketing

We understand the need and urgency of every firm to get heard and understood completely at the right time and at the right place is paramount. That's why our team of experienced and creative digital marketing team will find the pulse of your business model and the heart of your target audience and target them in the most efficient way ever.

We can help you in Integrated Marketing Service

Inside sale

RapinnoTech discovers your business prospects and determines their needs through our cold calling and email marketing. For effective results, we first analyse the target market, figure out the key decision makers in a particular firm, and then implement a custom strategy to engage them.

Sales As A Service

RapinnoTech provides Sales as a Service to find and locate the right business partners to provide you with turnkey sales organizations. Our experts will help you determine the benefits and unique features of your product. We then take care of the most important marketing communications and track progress and achievement (goals) with effective control measures.

Sales and support

RapinnoTech's customer service provides the best option with 24 * 7 services. With the latest technology, improving customer experience and providing better solutions is an essential requirement. Our customer support services include planning, documentation, product reviews, technical troubleshooting, installation, maintenance, upgrades and many more.