Rapinno Product 360

After designing and developing products for so many clients from scratch we have ventured into helping start-ups, innovators & entrepreneurs. We can guide you throughout the process of product development or we can help you out at some specific stages of the process. Product 360 provides an end-to-end solution starting with understanding the concept, creating the product roadmap, designing, developing and testing the product, launching and deploying the product, market testing, branding, digital marketing and in-house sales support.

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Our Methodology

Our experience in product development will assist you to bring your idea to the end-consumer.

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Scope Finalization

We usually push for multiple meetings and discussions to understand the scope of your idea and if required we work on magnifying it which may bring you more satisfaction and revenue in the long run. Once we arrive on the same page we move on to the next step.

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Design & Architecture

After finalizing the idea we start designing multiple blueprints and conceptualize architectures so that you will have options to choose or both parties can brainstorm on the very same to get your ideas and values incorporated in the blueprint.

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Proof Of Concept

We create proof of concept with basic but essential USPs of the product. And in case of complex products we create multiple POCs which addresses each of the core functionalities.

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Minimum Viable Product

Once we get the proof of concept and you are satisfied with the outcome then we will move to the next stage - Minimum Viable Product. We will design the prototype with all the features and will test it sample audience identical to the actual target audience. This will help us to find bugs and faults before we actually launch the product.

Illustration showcasing the team leader explaing the proof of concept

Marketing Testing

Market testing is a very vital step in any product development cycle. We carry out very thorough market testing just to test the waters to understand whether your idea and vision is being accepted by the target audience or not.

Illustration showcasing the team leader explaing the proof of concept

Product Launch

After multiple testing, checking and proofreading we will design the final product which will be market ready and will be able to attract the target audience that you desire. We will also design the complete go-to-market strategy with the target market and audience in mind.

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Branding & Positioning

As the product goes to market our experienced and talented marketing team will help you in creating brand awareness and will try to position the product as per your vision in the mind of your target audience. We will create a full proof branding strategy and we will follow it thoroughly to achieve the required goals.

Illustration showcasing the lift off of the brand using integrated marketing strategy

Integrated Marketing

Our marketing team will also devise a complete marketing strategy which will include both digital and conventional marketing activities. The strategy will be strictly based on the AIDA model so that at each stage we can use multiple analytical tools to measure and optimize strategy.

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Sales Support

In case you need assistance in sales activities like market research, inside sales, list building etc, our team can help you from scratch. By collaborating with the marketing team we will also strategize the whole sales activity with a motive to generate maximum revenue.

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