Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables you to automate routine tasks with intelligent software bots. It helps in automating business processes such as administrative tasks, billing, accounting, and much more.

At Rapinno Tech, we help organizations integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence into necessary business units to transform the system. With our comprehensive RPA consulting services, we instill intelligent automation into our clients' businesses and help them increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and improve scalability.

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Key RPA offerings include

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RPA Consulting

We help you understand and identify processes that need to be automated. As soon as we have optimized productivity and FTE, we plan the roadmap for introducing automation. Our RPA consultants then identify the right RPA and OCR tools and finally present you with automation PoCs.

Automation Design

Rapinno's automation experts will help you map manual processes that require automation. Then we will identify the intervention models to apply and after designing the automation architecture, we will develop a custom framework to implement.

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We can help you in Robotic Process Automation

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RPA Implementation

We will design and develop bots with AI, ML and cognitive services for process automation. Our RPA experts will then coordinate workflows and governance as well as the validation of the rollout. Finally, we will help you scale your business continuity as per your requirement.


Our support team helps you with bot management, error and disaster recovery, risk management and opportunity discovery. We also offer RPA business training for your employees to stay up to date with RPA tools.

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